Creating a docker-swarm


Got a fresh set of (faster) samsung sd cards (add picture), added two new pi’s (type 3) and a simple stackable …mount…

Time to build my new docker-swarm cluster. I decided to run the cluster on a separate deticaded switch, to be sure the networks doesn’t get congested. Time to play / build the hardware setup.

Just create one clean image of raspian, copy to all cards en configure the pi’s. Setup the last version of docker and docker-compose, then start the swarm and register the created nodes. Important, while creating the swarm it needs at lease one master node in order to work

To be able to distribute your own images across the swarm we need or own registry (container) i got mine from this example…. You don’t need this if your not running custom images and only docker default images, these are accessible using the default docker repo

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